I will start this out by saying there is no such thing as a plateau in recovery or in our walk with Christ. I want to spend this time together unpacking this statement. We have all had these moments where we think we are standing still in these areas of our life. This, however, cannot be true due to a few undeniable truths.

The first set of truths we should explore are found in their steps themselves. The first 100 AA’s used words like “continued to take personal inventory”, Improve our conscious contact with God”, and “we Tried to carry this message to alcoholics and practice these principles in all our affairs”. Now I could define the key words in these statements but what good would that do you?

Take some time and look up the words CONTINUED, IMPROVE, CARRY and PRACTICE.

You will find that these words are active verbs. They require action to accomplish. Recovery is a program of action not stagnancy. Because of the progressive nature of addiction, our spiritual growth (the cure) must be progressive as well. Progressive spiritual growth means that we must continue to improve and practice the principles of our faith and recovery.

This takes a measure of discipline. That does not come easy to people like us, hence the feeling that we have reached a plateau.

The second set of truths I want to explore are those that we find in the Bible. God knew what He was doing when He decided to give us His Word. Lets start out in the Psalms…

I love the Psalms when I’m feeling stuck, they motivate me to sing a song of praise to God. That’s what a plateau is, feeling stuck.

Ps 139:23-24 lay out some great step 10 advise. Search me and change my ways.

Ps 143:8,10 are a great way to pray through step 11. Show me and teach me Your will.

Ecc 4:7-12 tells us that doing this alone is a waste of time.

Jesus Christ even had a group of men that He traveled with and did life with durning the years of His ministry… Oh yeah and recovery is your ministry if you are reading this blog. Don’t be so deceived that you. Think that God hasn’t put you in recovery to “carry the message”. That message is not only the steps but it is the Gospel as well.

So if you feel like you have it a plateau don’t let the enemy feed you the lie that you are in good shape. Press in, continue, improve, carry and practice.